Sunday, March 20, 2011

Montreal Day Trip

On Saturday we trekked up to Montreal for the day to explore the beautiful city and its offerings. Our first stop was the Biodome. This is the coolest interactive museum! It showcases four real ecosystems with all the animals and plants that live in them all inside the enormous museum. We saw the plants and animals of the tropical rainforest, a maple forest that looked very much like Vermont, the underwater ecosystem of the Saint Lawrence Gulf, and a very chilly sub polar ecosystem complete with some very entertaining penguins. Kevin was the photographer and captured some nice pictures. See if you can find the Lynx (looks like a LARGE cat) in the pictures below. Along with getting some nice shots of the ecosystems, he also captured my growing ecosystem!

After exploring the biodome, we walked the streets of the city, and enjoyed the hot sun and lots of yummy treats. We found a chocolate shop where we indulged on some rich, delicious, and beautiful hand made chocolates. We also went to our favorite Spanish tapas restaurant, La Sala Rosa and ate and ate and ate!
Enjoy the pictures below and come visit us and Montreal!


  1. Nice pictures, Kevin. Look at that cute little baby bump! I'm sorry, but I missed the lynx...I'll have to go back and check.

  2. Looks like fun! You are looking great! xxoo

  3. awww look at your belly! so cute!