Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grillin' and Chillin'

Here are some more good ones from Brad's visit. We did a fair amount of cooking while he was here. He showed us how to cook steak on the grill and we introduced him to our pasta making ways.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Maine Weekend

Kevin's brother Brad came for a visit and we took a weekend road trip to see the Maine Fullers. While we were there we ran a 5k fun run, Kevin and Brad's first one! Everyone did a great job and finished. It was unseasonably warm and we took full advantage! We grilled out every night, had a campfire, and toured Portland. We had such a great time, thanks so much to Scott, Melia, Sage, and Benny!

Here are some nice ones from Portland and our BBQ at Bob and Linda's!

Two Fat Cats makes THE BEST whoopie pies. If you are ever in the Portland area I highly recommend that you pick one up.

Maine Weekend

Here is Sage teaching everyone how to make lemonade.

Brad and Sage posing with the neighbor's dog Ace.

Maine Weekend

Memorial Day 5K

The Crew.

Kevin and Brad Posing for a post race brother's picture.

Sage and Melia showing off the 5k water bottle prize.

Benny and Melinda posing pre-race.

Kevin giving Sage his number. She wore it ALL day!

Surprise Wedding Shower

The spring has been busy in our house and this week I realized that we haven't been keeping up with the blog. So, here is a quick update on the spring happenings for the barker, baker, and coffee maker.

During spring break I flew to California to party plan with my mom and aunt for the November bash, and when we got back to Auburn I was shocked to walk into a surprise wedding shower! I was so shocked and ever more surprised when I saw that Kevin's parents and my sister had flown in for the shower. It was so much fun, thanks to Lindsay and my mom for planning!

Here are a few pictures from the party!

The surprise face!

Thanks so much Lindsay!!