Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back in Action... All Three of Us!

So it's been awhile since we wrote and it's been an action filled "awhile". Rather than back-posting, we're just going to charge ahead. Last time we wrote, it was just two of us and our incredibly lazy dog, Norma Jean. Now we're beyond happy to introduce the latest member of our family....!!!

Our little friend is scheduled to arrive on August 9th! We have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled for Monday 3/21 and we're so excited to find out if we'll be having a boy or a girl. From this picture, we already feel like we're going to have quite a handsome little baby (that's what proud parents always say while they force their friends and family to look at black and white grainy pictures of blobs on a screen).

Tonight we took a drive north to explore the small town of St. Albans and also have dinner at a great little restaurant called Chow Bella. We talked about our baby and tried to think up baby names the whole time. We have a couple good ideas for girls names, but are having some trouble with boy names! Any ideas would be appreciated! When we got home, we found a letter in our mailbox from Kevin's mom with a baby picture of Kevin inside! It was taken the day he was born. We put it next to a baby picture of Melinda and tried to imagine what our new friend will look like....

The one flashing gang signs on the left is Melinda. That's such an awesome picture! Kevin on the other hand is praying quietly. I'm sure our baby will be a mix of both!

We'll do our best to keep the blog updated with news from our journey toward parenthood!

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  1. Awesome blog guys! Love all the pictures. Especially the peace sign. :)